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Pennies On Somebody's Lawn

Sunday, March 03, 2013

this entry brought to you by liam lynch, "united states of whatever"

I was walking to my midnight shift, and when I walked past a particular lawn, something caught my eye. There were pennies. Everywhere. This amused the shit out of me. Was someone taking two or three giant buckets full of pennies that were overflowing, and they were taking them to the coinstar, and as they rushed across their lawn with these hundred pound monstrosities, pennies falling everywhere, they just said fuck it, will have to clean that up later?

...Or was it something more sinister? Did the owner of this house just have a nasty breakup? "I dropped a penny into the fountain at the mall, wishing we would stay together forever, and now you break up with me?. Well have all the pennies in the world! Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!"

On my way home from work there were still pennies on the lawn, as well as on my way to work the next day. Two days after I'd seen the pennies for the first time, and there were still pennies everywhere, but there were less pennies. Which cracked me up even more. If you're going to take the time to clean up pennies off the lawn, wouldn't you just take the time to clean all of them up?

...Unless you're that exgirlfriend. She's driving around, feels a little hungry, pulls into a McDonalds, finds that she's exactly two dollars and thirty-eight cents short of a Big Mac value meal. "Where the hell am I going to get two dollars and-- oh. Hmm. Well. I am pretty hungry. Sigh."

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