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The People I Know Are Not Comedy Well Wishers

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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When talking about comedy and how to get into it, a lot of people say to really do comedy, you need to do it in front of strangers. Doing it in front of your friends and coworkers isn't really stand-up. They all know you and already think you're funny, and will laugh at everything you do.

The people I know, however, are not well wishers. They are mean and soulless, and like to suck any joy you might get from bringing people the gift of laughter.

For example, sometimes I'll say something that makes people laugh really hard, and then somebody will say this: "I wasn't laughing at what you said. I was laughing at the way you said it."

Which is exactly the same as saying "I wasn't laughing at your comedy, I was laughing at the comedic way you portrayed that comedy."

You know, you could have just laughed and then not said anything. That way I could be enjoying this moment just as much as you were just enjoying it a second ago.

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