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The Dumb Fights Kids Have

Thursday, February 07, 2013

this entry brought to you by le butcherettes, "tonight"

My ten year old daughter had had a friend over for several hours, and I'd gone into the bathroom. When I came out, her friend was gone over an hour and a half earlier than I thought she was going home. I asked my daughter where she'd gone.

"I told her to go home," came my daughter's reply, with a frown on her face.

I sighed and asked her what happened. My daughter started telling me a story that I immediately tuned out, not because I didn't care, but, like all of her fights with her friend, seemed utterly inconsequential and an absolutely ridiculous thing to fight over. Right as I was about to suggest calling her and talking it out now that both parties had calmed down, there was a meek knock at the door. There her friend stood, pathetically, not saying a word. I told her to come in.

The girls approached each other, looking down at their shoes, and then came the tears, and then came the hugging.

When I was Celest's age, I got into dumb fights with guy friends for just as dumb a reason, and we made up wordlessly as well. Except there was less crying and hugging.

On a material level, kids are kids. But still. Boys are a little different.

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