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That Kid That Made Fun of My Shoes in Grade School

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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When I was in grade school I wouldn't say we were exactly poor, but there were certain extravagances my mom didn't bother with, and somehow, I didn't care either.

My mom used to buy me Pro-Wings shoes, which were the in-house brand at Payless. I've never understood people who are into shoes. Sneakers and tennis shoes essentially look the same no matter what, unless they are colored neon green or something weird. And it certainly didn't make a difference to me at the time.

There was this kid who used to make fun of me for wearing the shoes I wore and not, say, Nike. I remember at one point he actually said, "Ha ha! Nice shoes, Chris! What, did you buy them at Pay-Less?"

Yes, they are the name brand from Pay-Less, so I'm betting yes.

Anyway, when I got into high school I started taking the bus, and my apartment complex was the very last stop, and I saw that this particular kid got off in the local housing project. And when I first saw this, I really, really wanted to say "Man, I sure wish I had shoes like you. Instead I'll have to put up with not knowing what drive by shootings sound like."

But I couldn't, because I actually had a huge crush on a girl that got off on that stop as well. Sigh.

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