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Child Nudity Isn't Actually Illegal, But That Doesn't Mean You Don't Feel Creepy

Sunday, February 03, 2013

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Here in the United States, unsexualized child nudity isn't illegal. It is, however, taboo, so directors hardly ever do it. If you watch foreign movies this kind of thing happens much more frequently, but every now and again you'll watch an American indie movie that does it.

There was a movie called Angela that my wife and I saw and enjoyed, despite some very, very poorly placed boom mics showing up repeatedly in shots. The mother is having severe bipolar episodes, and his father is very much in love with his wife and is so busy taking care of her, that he doesn't realize his oldest daughter, about 12, is slowly going insane. The ending of the movie has the older sister attempting to baptize her younger sister in a river, both girls stark naked.

There's a button on IMDB you can click on where users have submitted plot keyword, so if you're looking for movies with a particular aspect to them, you can find every single movie that's ever had that. If, for example, you love something broad like time traveling movies, you can click a button and see every movie that features time travel as a plot mechanism. But you can also get eerily specific. If you're making a Youtube compilation of every single time a person has been bisected but stood there for a moment before they realized they were, and then slowly split in half, you can just go to Youtube and click a button. so if you're into a particular thing, you can look up things that have that thing. Well, I enjoyed Angela a lot, but, as I said, the movie was super low budget and had a few technical movie-making problems, and I wanted to see how much the budget was and what other people thought of it. And when I was on IMDB and looking around, I clicked on the plot keywords button. Someone had tagged it with child nudity. And I was like, oh shit. Someone on the Internets wants to see every movie with child nudity in it. Suddenly I felt awful about watching Angela.

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