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A Well Refined Palate

Sunday, January 20, 2013

this entry brought to you by the rapture, "don go do it"

I am not a wine connoisseur. I'd always wanted to be. Listening to people talk about vintage and parts of the world and hints of this and notes of that, even as a teenager, I always envied that. I want that ability, I thought to myself.

We haven't bought a bottle of good wine in a while-- there is cheap wine in the cupboard, but it is for cooking. But Michelle and I were on a kick for a while there where we were buying a bottle of wine a week, cheap and expensive, different types, to find out what makes good wine good. And even in our limited experience-- we maybe did this about twenty times total? Maybe twenty five?-- the differences between wine is, frankly, as detailed as you'd heard. I've read studies that say that these so-called experts are lying or exaggerating, because the human tongue can only distinguish so many tastes at a time. But when you get a really oaky wine with a vanilla hint, it's different than one that tastes fruity with cherry overtones. If you just take a bottle and drink it these differences are less obvious, but if you just take the time and taste it, the difference is huge.

Even though I wouldn't even call myself an "intermediate" wine expert, I've become enough of a snob that when I was served a wine that was meant to be served at room temperature but it was chilled, I scoffed and had to hold back saying anything, as to avoid being an ungrateful guest..

I have been drinking coffee every single day for a few years now. I have not developed this palate for coffee. At all.

At the local Fry's they have a Tully's Coffee inside of it. "I fuckin' hate their coffee," my coworker Tom said. "It's shit. I'd rather drink coffee that came out of some asshole's Mr. Coffee machine."

Curious, I bought a cup. It was fine.

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