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A Few Thoughts on The Albuquerque Family Slaying By A 15 Year Old

Friday, January 25, 2013

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Part of me doesn't want to just keep harping on gun control, but another part of me doesn't care, and feels that, as long as this stuff keeps happening, it is always worth talking about. Yes, talking about it is tiresome. All these goddamn mass gun killings in this country are also tiresome. The difference is that when I went to Burger King yesterday, I didn't keep having flashes of someone coming in and talking about guns at the whole restaurant.

An utterly sick, disturbed boy of 15 shot his entire family in the middle of the night in Albuquerque, NM, this past week, using his parent's AR-15, among other weapons. I don't want to post his picture or his name. If you haven't heard, you could Google it.

A few thoughts...

1) I'm sure glad his parents had that Second Amendment, to protect them for someone coming and shooting them in their sleep. It's a good thing guns prevent gun violence.

2) Yeah, this is a sad story, but if you take away people's guns, then criminals like this 15 year old boy would have just gone to the black market to buy AR-15s to kill his family.

3) Guns aren't the issue, crazy people are the issue. If he didn't kill his family with his parents' weapons that are specifically designed to kill people, he would have just stabbed five people to death. There's no way anyone else in the family would have had time to react as they heard the rest of their family being stabbed to death, and there's no way his father, returning at five in the morning, could have avoided being ambushed as his son waited for him in the bathroom with a knife, which is what this boy did with a gun. Guns kill people, but literally everything can kill people, so why are you singling out this assault weapon?

4) Listen, I am not blaming the parents for this, I'm really not. And I have enormous problems with home schooling, but I'm not blaming that either. But I think it's worth mentioning: Other than religious reasons, the second most important reason someone home schools their child is for safety. The boy who did this was home schooled, and I am assuming the other children were also home schooled. And they still couldn't be kept safe. Here, in America. The richest nation in the world.

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