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Sarah Palin, Before and After

Sunday, November 11, 2012

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Listen, we've got to talk about this Sarah Palin thing.

That is what Sarah Palin looked like in 2008. There was a lot of talk about how hot she was, and I found that to be grossly overstated. Still, removing all things I know about her, she was still a very pretty lady objectively. Moreover, she actually seems like a lady you might know. This face doesn't strike me as anyone I would even remotely refer to as a friend, but this is definitely the face of a neighbor you run into. "Hey Sarah! How ya been? Uh huh? And how are the kids! How's Todd? Oh that's great! I'm super happy to hear that!" If you ever brought up politics you'd say, oh geez, I probably shouldn't talk about that with her, and maybe you'd hear chitter-chatter about gossipy things and you might say, geez, those Palins are kind of secretly trashy, but there's nothing about this face that says "Bad Person", and she's pretty in a neighborly kind of way. Politics aside, you can even see being invited to a party thrown by her and have a perfectly decent time.

This is what Sarah Palin looked like five days ago:

What. The. Fuck. She looks like a monster. For one thing, she looks like she's aged horrifically in just four years. For another, she looks worse than a Real Housewives cast member-- she looks like a madame at a down-grade brothel. Which isn't to say she looks like a hooker-- she looks like a step above that. A wisened brothel madame. A streetwise madame, responsible for a whole flock of hookers. She looks like a woman that takes care of her hookers, who all look up to her. But she still... Well, I mean, look at her. She looks like a nightmare version of what a foreign person thinks glamor is supposed to be.

Why is this even worth mentioning? Why am I judging a person on her looks, when there are plenty of other horrifying nightmare glamor ladies to make fun of? Because despite making no attempts at being in politics for four years and instead making every effort to be, well, a reality star, she still represents herself as salt of the Earth, everyday soccer mom bulldog shark lady, still gets a paycheck from Fox News to represent that very thing, still gets interviewed on Election Night sighing about "traditional America", despite looking like a perversion of traditional America. When, honestly, as much as I hated her 4 years ago, that kind of described her perfectly fine and I didn't have a problem with it. I had a problem with what it meant politically, but who who can't get along with a soccer mom when you run into her at the grocery store? That second face, on the other hand, she looks like she's a character in the WWE, like one of the bad guy wrestler's mom/manager.

So Sarah Palin's a hypocrite; news of the century. Yeah, I know. It's still disturbing though, right?

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