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Monday, October 08, 2012

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LONDON-- David Beckham has filed for divorce today, stating that his wife, Victoria, aka Posh Spice, is "like Hitler", and that he can't see a successful marriage continuing under these circumstances.

"She is like Hitler in every conceivable way," said Beckham, "except that she does not believe in a pure, Aryan race, and loves people of all races and creeds, particularly Jews. But other than that, she grows more and more like Hitler by the day."

Beckham claimed that he knew of Victoria's Hitler-like qualities when he met her, but thought that family life would change her. In fact, said the soccer player, being a mother only brought out the Hitler in her more.

"She never, ever taught our children that the Jews were what was bringing our society down, and never tried to tell them that they were members of a super-race. But once my children were old enough to read about Hitler in school, even they couldn't help but see the similarities."

"There's Mommy," Beckham said his children would say when they flipped the channel past a History Channel documentary on World War II, before pointing out that their mother never once talked about invading sovereign nations.

"I wish my wife the best in life and do not wish to keep her away from her children, but I simply cannot stay married to a woman who is so precisely like Hitler," Beckham concluded. "If the Holocaust weren't about the extermination of the Jews, it would describe what my wife spends every single day doing."

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