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What if God Won't Let Me Warn My Atheist Wife When I Die?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

this entry brought to you by queen, "death on two legs"

I'm an atheist, and Christians ask me, "What if you're wrong?" Well, if I'm wrong, obviously I'll live with that, and if it means I go to hell, so be it. I've made my decision.

But how fucked up would it be I died tomorrow and I wasn't allowed to come back and warn my atheist wife that there's actually a God, and she needs to start going to church?

"Really God? Like, it would take me five minutes."


"Two minutes."


"Look, maybe you don't understand, my wife not only doesn't believe in you, she believes in ghosts even less, so all I have to do is just pop up and it'll work."


"I won't even have to do the coin thing up the wall. All I'll have to do is show up with a sad face and like, shrug, and it'll completely change everything. Permanently!"


"God, you're being kind of a dick. I think I preferred you when I didn't think you were real."

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