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The Word "Humanist" Is Full of Crap

Monday, September 24, 2012

this entry brought to you by foo fighters, "monkeywrench"

I had a friend who said that he wasn't a feminist, he said he was a humanist. He then said that 1/4ths of all rapes happened to men, and why didn't feminists ever want to talk about that?

First of all, who do you think does that 1/4th of all rapes? Men do.

Secondly, I'll start calling myself a humanist as soon as that 1/4th of all rapes causes people to argue whether the dude was really asking for it, or if he was dressed real slutty, or if it wasn't really a rape, and he was just crying rape to make the other person look bad, as a way to get even for something petty.

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