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First World Problems

Monday, September 17, 2012

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Sometimes you'll complain about your cable going out, or the local coffee store near your house being replaced with a Starbucks, or there being a complete and utter lack of vegetarian restaurants in your area, and someone you know will say, "First world problems".

And you know what? They're right. Sometimes we do need to realize that the petty day-to-day shit we put up with is specific to us as Americans, and things could be way worse.

...Except that, do you think that in the third world the only things they complain about are mass starvation, gross pestilence, and babies dying? Don't you think they also have petty shit to complain about?

Don't you think in the deepest parts of Mexico there's some dirt farm where some guy is complaining to his friend, "I can't talk to my neighbor, man, because that dude is always covered in chicken blood, and he always stinks. And he doesn't even raise chickens. Like, change your clothes every now and again, you sick fuck."

And in Africa, I've never seen it in a documentary, but there's undoubtedly some tribesman who has walked for seven miles to the next tribe over saying, "Yeah, I know your most beautiful virgin has married your most verile hunter, and that this is a cause for celebration, but you've been drumming and ululating for forty two days and my tribe hasn't been able to sleep a wink that entire time. So if you could just keep it down, we'd really appreciate it."

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