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There's an old saying. If you don't want someone to join a crowd, you ask them, "If everyone were jumping off of a cliff, would you?" Well, I have. So my answer would be "Yes". True story.
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The Scorpion in the Sink

Thursday, August 09, 2012

this entry brought to you by radiohead, "codex"

My eight year old got up and went to the bathroom, shrieked and came and feverishly informed me that there was scorpion in the bathroom sink. She's a little kid, and little kids will often come and want you to go and hunt down the most horrible, vicious, man-eating monsters, only for them to be the tiniest little speck of a spider, or absolutely nothing at all. But sure enough, there was a goddamn scorpion in my sink. First time I've seen one in my home, and I've lived in the desert my whole life. Celest had left the water on because she was washing her hands when she saw it, and because the sink is somewhat clogged it was full of water by now, and I stopped the faucet, and watched it struggle. I poured more water. It struggled more. I kept it going. Eventually it went down the hole. I kept the water going. And going. And then I finally stopped, let the water go down, and left. Came back 10 minutes later, and, holding up a sign that said "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA", it was sitting there in the sink again. Very much alive, mocking me.

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