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My Idea For a New Dating Show

Friday, August 10, 2012

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I don't have cable and haven't for years, so I haven't watched broadcast TV in very long period of time, and I honestly have no clue if these types of dating shows are even popular any more. Still. I think this would be a really good version of that type of show.

Lots of people have platonic best friends of the opposite sex. Maybe they dated a little, back in high school, and then when they went to college they stopped, but kept in contact, and remained best friends. Maybe two people have worked together for ten years and maybe they had a little fling years ago, but didn't continue because of the workplace situation, but stayed close, and today, they're best friends. Or maybe there was no dating at all. Maybe they lived next door to one another since they were five, and have never even thought about dating, as they grew up smelling each others farts.

The point is, nobody knows you better than your best friend. Nobody would look out for your best interest more, and often they know if someone's good for you even when you don't.

So the concept of the show is a blind date situation. Except before the actual date starts, the best friend (must be opposite sex) has to hang out with the date first. For example, if it's two dudes, they might go to a bar and shoot some pool for a couple hours. They might go to a sporting event and talk about chicks. If it's two girls, maybe they'll go shopping, maybe they'll hang out at a spa. But either way, the one topic they cannot talk about is the blind date.

And then, without the best friends being able to meet, the blind date happens. The best friend tells what they thought of the blind date, if they think they're going to be a good match or not, and then the blind dates tell what they thought of one another. If the best friend's opinion matches up with the blind date's opinion, all three get extra bonus cash or something along those lines.

What I like about this set up is that, even though the blind date is aware he or she is hanging out with the best friend with the express purpose of impressing them, the best friend is going to pick up on things that the date might not even be aware he's giving off. He's going to pick up on little things that show if this guy is shallow, if this guy is too into himself, or even if this guy is absolutely perfect, even when the guy doesn't know he's coming off that way. I think it would be interesting to see best friends give the thumbs down to dates, only to have the blind dates go off swimmingly, or worse, the best friend give the thumbs up, and the blind date go horribly, and the best friend can say, "What the hell were you thinking? You thought this guy would be perfect for me?"

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