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Sunday, July 29, 2012

this entry brought to you by marilyn manson, "irresponsible hate anthem"

AURORA-- Psychologists have announced today that James Holes, alleged gunman of the shootings during the midnight premiere of the movie The Dark Knight Rises as being fit to stand trial.

"Although Holmes' behavior has seemed strange in recent court appearances, I have determined that Holmes is sane, and therefore able to be judged by a jury of his peers," said Dr. Lonnie Bieker today in court.

Continued Bieker, "Also, I would say that it is my professional and legal opinion that James Holmes is a fucking asshole. Not only can I say that with utter conviction, I must also say that I fucking hate that kid. Seriously, fuck him."

Dr. Melisa Blubaugh, who seconded the opinion today, expounded further:

"This guy, this true piece of shit, had been stockpiling weapons and ammo for months, had been making bombs and setting up boobie traps in hsm home for possibly even longer, and had journals detailing what he was planning on doing. What a fucking prick."

"I don't know why he's all pretending to be sleepy and shit and saying he is unaware of why he's in court now, after all that planning. I mean, I know he's a mass murderer, but who does this jagoff think he is? Like 'Oooh, I'm so craaaaazy.' Psh. Please," added Blubaugh.

Judge Roslyn Grizzell has announced that the trial will proceed forward as normal, provided the defendant doesn't get killed in jail. "Seriously, I don't want that," said Judge Grizzell. "We all want justice to be served, and the severity of the charges only further show why we must allow our system to work the way it must."

"I'm just saying, I wouldn't blame any of his fellow prisoners for wanting to kill him. I mean, just look at him. He called himself 'The Joker', but he dyed his hair orange, even though the Joker's hair is dyed green. What a fucking waste of sperm and eggs."

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