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Political Lies

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Have you ever discussed with someone the current acidic climate of politics nowadays, the malicious lies that are thrown around specifically from Republicans toward Democrats? Sometimes they'll be sympathetic towards what you're talking about, but they'll half-dismiss it by saying "Yeah, but that's politics for you."

That's most certainly not how politics is, and it's not how it ever was until Poppy Bush, and it got kicked into high gear during Bush V. Kerry.

Politics is about taking a truth about your opponent and stretching it to its logical extreme. For example, if your opponent is young, you say that he is inexperienced; therefore, when it comes time to war, he might make critical mistakes and endanger you. If your opponent is old, then you say he is out of touch and a careerist, so he has no idea what the needs of the common man are. If your opponent pardoned a criminal and he went free, you say that he's easy on crime and that this kind of behavior might lead to something more dangerous.

None of these things might be true to the specific opponents, but they are still fair questions to asked.

Saying that your opponent isn't even American, that he "pals around with terrorists", that he wants to take away your guns, that he wants to raise taxes on the middle class-- all of these things are the exact opposite of the truth, they are lies, and this is not how politics have ever been.

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