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Sunday, July 01, 2012

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WASHINGTON-- After using his first two wishes on repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell and having universal health care passed, President Obama has been roundly criticized by both the left and the right for wasting his final wish on a World Series win for the Chicago Cubs.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi scolded Obama, saying that he should've spent his final wish on making sure Obamacare does not get overturned, that he gets a re-election, or that Democrats win back control of the House this November.

"I know this trick probably wouldn't work," said Democratic Rep. Barney Frank, "But it seems completely unreasonable that President Barack Obama didn't even try to wish for world peace, and I have from trusted sources that he didn't."

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders agreed, saying "I've tried to support this President throughout his term, and will continue to try to, but I don't know how much I can if he doesn't even know to spend his last wish on at least wishing that bad things only happened to bad people."

Presidential hopeful and Republican opponent Mitt Romney took the opportunity to attack Barack Obama. "This shows that Barack Obama severely lacks leading abilities. We've seen him make the economy even worse, we've seen him support firefighters and teachers, and here he is, wasting wishes, instead of wishing for America!"

"Why, if I had those wishes," continued Romney, "I would have wished for permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%, I would end entitlement programs, and I would put an end to the unions that are ruining this country-- real, concrete ideas that we know will work, because they've worked so well in the past! Now, I love baseball-- grandparents of some of my closest friends have owned slaves, slaves that had the very DNA that would spawn baseball players! But this isn't just a misjudgement of America's needs, but a gross overreach of the President's power."

President Barack Obama has remained firm in his decision to spend his last wish on a World Series win for the Chicago Cubs. "It's been since 1908 when they last won. I've gone through too much crap these past three years. I could really use a World Series win for the Cubs. And you know what? So could America. But mostly me."

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