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Monday, July 16, 2012

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SAN DIEGO-- Comic Con 2012 is quickly turning into a con for the history books, as Peter Jackson showed exciting footage of the upcoming The Hobbit; director Neil Blomkamp revealed Elysium, his follow-up to his surprise 2009 hit District 9; and, on the show floor, a black girl has attended that has not been paid to be there.

Staffers say a black girl had not been spotted at San Diego Comic Con since 2004, although there was a rumor in 2010 that a Spider-Girl was black under her mask; when she removed it to get fresh air in the afternoon, spectators were disappointed to find that she was just a dark-skinned Asian girl, possibly Thai.

Con Organizer Allan Ditullio was overjoyed, telling an audience of fans at a panel, "We are incredibly happy to have a black girl here at San Diego Comic Con. We have been working to achieve this for years, even putting up a sign at the entrance saying 'BLACK PEOPLE WELCOME', and also making those words prominent in all of our advertising."

"I am proud to report that all our hard work and perseverance has come to fruition: a black girl has found it fit to be here of her own will," continued Ditullio." And she's dressed up as her own original character!"

Conflicting reports have circulated amongst fans both on the show floor and on Twitter as to exactly who the black girl is dressed as.

"She's definitely not Storm from the X-Men," said a fan dressed as Sailor Moon. "Storm from the X-Men has white hair. And there are no other black women in the X-Men, so it's not any of them."

A fan dressed as Marcus Fenix from Gears of War said that he initially thought she was Uhura from Star Trek, "but Uhura wears a red uniform. I'm more of a Next Generation fan and haven't seen many episodes from the Original Series, but I'm pretty sure Uhura didn't wear an outfit like that, even when she was seducing Kirk."

A She Hulk commented that while everyone she knew wanted to be photographed with the black girl, they were afraid to ask her what she was supposed to be. "We didn't want to seem racist or anything. Besides, there are no black female comic book, sci-fi, anime, or video game girls, so we have to start thinking she must be dressed as a white character, which makes everyone super uncomfortable to even think about."

The two most popular guesses from Comic Con attendees were that she was either Black Slave Leia with a really creative interpretation of Leia's bikini, or Black Female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, with a special civilian outfit most people didn't get to see because it was only unlockable with a code found in Doctor Pepper bottles.

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