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The Lady Taking Her Flag Down After Independence Day Week

Monday, July 09, 2012

this entry brought to you by radiohead, "just"

I was walking home from work yesterday at 7 in the morning. As I rounded the corner I saw that, across the street, there was a young woman in a sports bra and jogging shorts, and she was outside taking down her American flag. As I walked and listened to whatever it was I was listening to on my Ipod, I looked over at her.

Strange, I thought. I get that this week was the fourth, and some people like to put up their flag for Independence Day. But taking it down seemed strange to me. If you're the kind of person who doesn't put up a flag, then there's nothing wrong with that. And if you're the type to put up a flag, why not just keep it up year-round? It seemed strange to me to put it up only to take it down when it was no longer Independence day, like you would put up and take down Christmas lights. Christmas comes only once a year, but it's America all the time, right?

And as I continued walking, now getting closer to her, my eyes looking over at her as she took down the flag, I realized that was, indeed, not a sports bra and jogging shorts, but a regular bra pajama shorts.

And right as I realized she was in her undies, she looked over at me and gave me an annoyed frown. I immediately looked away, embarrassed. This poor woman obviously just ran out for a moment to go grab her flag for a moment, and here some asshole was, gawking at her from across the street.

A moment later I thought, hey wait a second. I wasn't cat-calling. I wasn't standing and staring. I wasn't leering. I was walking by with my head turned looking at a woman in her underwear in public! I don't think I'm a sexist asshole for looking at a woman in her underwear in public. Believe me, I'm not saying that a woman needs to be mistreated because of what she decides to wear, but I'm looking at a woman in her underwear in public! And for that matter, what the hell set of circumstances happened right now that she couldn't take a moment to put a shirt on before she took the flag down? Why did she have to take the flag down right that second? Was she some sort of commie pinko who was dating a good ol' American boy, allowed him to have his flag up for a couple days because, well, it's his country, but the moment the week was over she had to run out sans pants and take it down?

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