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I Don't Say "I Love America" Just to Say It

Thursday, July 05, 2012

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Conservatives say that they love America. But what does that mean, to love America? What exactly do they mean when they use those words?

Do they mean that they love the American government? Because what is a country besides a system of governments? It's just a bunch of land that people live on. But clearly they don't mean this, because whenever there is a President that they agree with they treat them like infallible living gods (literally-- go see the movie Jesus Camp), but if there is President they disagree with, they'll laugh him off and dismiss him as a pussy (Carter), try to impeach him (Clinton), or completely refute that he's even an American (Obama).

Do they mean they love other Americans? Because what is a country besides the people that make it up? It's just a bunch of land that people live on. But clearly they don't mean this, because you hear them utterly dismiss the two coasts, calling the middle strip the "Real America". You hear them say utterly despicable things like "Why should I work hard just to pay for some other person's kids to go to college?"

Do they mean they love the Constitution, and the founding ideas of America? Well, sure, they seem to love all the parts of America's foundation that are religious, and they love their second Amendment, but virtually every other part they seem to ignore because it is convenient to do so-- as of earlier this week it's a whole branch of government they don't seem to recognize the validity of.

I do not think I own the exclusive rights to the words "I love America". But I don't think it's difficult to understand what I mean when I say it.

I heavily disagree with particular political regimes, to the point of enragement, and I am cautious of politicians in general. But I think that not only can government work, but it has worked, and, as of right now, is working in many important ways. Specific politicians piss me off more than most things in the world do, but I believe government can continue to work in the future, can work better in the future, which is why we have to stay engaged, we have to stay optimistic about politics.

But more importantly, I love the American people. I know this is an unpopular sentiment, but I could give a shit about taxes. I will in fact work hard to make sure that others get a chance at going to college. I will pay to make sure your "lazy people" don't starve. I will pay money for government organizations to make sure your water isn't poison. I love people, and I would pay more taxes if it meant knowing that nobody went without health care. Of course, what nobody seems to notice is that the now Supreme Court endorsed "Obamacare" is not a tax, but the point is, if it was a tax, I wouldn't give a shit. It's not unconstitutional to raise taxes, it's not Un-American to raise taxes, and paying to make sure that your fellow man doesn't get sick and die not only is the moral thing to do, but is also better for the country's economy and getting rid of it would not only mean more people would die, but the country's economy and deficit would be worse. But that's not the point I'm trying to make right now. The point I'm trying to make is that I don't understand how somebody could be virulently anti-tax and anti-helping people and somehow call themselves Pro-American.

I'm not saying that my way of thinking is the only way to think, or that people who disagree with me are necessarily bad people. What I am saying is this: I don't wear red-white-and-blue. I think patriotic music is mostly drivel. I don't have any fucking American flags around the house. I hate the national anthem and think it's gross to force little kids to declare their allegiance to anything other than their parents. And I am constantly critical of America because, frankly, I am unhappy with a lot of things it does. But when I say "I love America", I am consistent about it.

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