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Story Idea: The Handicapped Are Magically Being Cured After a Horrible Tragedy

Friday, June 22, 2012

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This story, if told through film, will be made like a faux documentary, or if it's a book, it will be a faux oral history.

Three years ago, there was a chemical attack on America from terrorist origin. It killed three million people. It has drastically, and irrevocably changed almost all aspects of American life.

However, there's been a curious side effect. Those that were exposed to the chemical but didn't die are suddenly being cured of handicaps they'd been born with. The blind who have been exposed can now see. The deaf can hear. Those born with mental retardation are becoming of average intelligence. Spinal disabilities are disappearing. However, it is only those that were exposed to the chemical and survived, and it is only those that were born with their disability, not those that got it through some disease or accident.

Our story follows a blind person who has never seen before who has lived near a deaf person, and the two get to know one another over the course of the story. We also follow a man with severe multiple sclerosis who can now move about uninhibited. The third subject of the story follows a man who lived in a halfway home for the mentally challenged who now finds himself growing more and more able to understand his surroundings by the day.

What is it like suddenly being able to see for the first time when you've never seen anything in your entire life? How would you be able to cope with that? How would you even understand the objects and colors you were being overwhelmed with if it was a sense you'd literally never experienced?

How do you cope with being blessed with what many would consider the best blessing you could possibly receive while enduring the pain of losing loved ones to a terrorist attack? Moreover, how do you cope being blessed when the entire rest of the country has been through so much? And what of the people that aren't being effected? How do you accept that you got blessed with this freak occurrence, but other people who are in the exact same situation as you but either weren't born with the condition or were too far from the attack to be effected?

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