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MC Hammer's Rapping Cred

Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Okay, so Fresh Prince was a novelty rapper, much as we love him now. The Fat Boys were most definitely novelty rappers. Same with Kid N' Play. And although we didn't know it when he debuted, Vanilla Ice rapped about more serious things than the previous rappers, but was nonetheless a giant novelty. None of these people had any actual cred at any point in time, and existed in a weird point in hip-hop history where you could be a novelty act and still not be just a one hit wonder; you could actually sell records.

So, the question is: MC Hammer. Before the cartoon, before the Addams Family, before the Pepsi commercials, before the cereal, when he was just "U Can't Touch This"; was Hammer a legitimate rapper, or a novelty act?

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