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The Funniest Line in All of Film

Sunday, June 03, 2012

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Daffy Duck finds himself an unimaginable trove of treasure, and, going berserk, he starts hoarding it into wheelbarrows to be hauled off. Time passes, and, after what we presume is many hours later, Daffy is finishing up, and comes across a single lamp. He notices it's a little dusty and needs to be wiped, to which he, of course, obliges. Out emerges a genie, which we, the audience, know can grant him any wish that he desires.

However, Daffy, blind with greed, immediately decides that the genie only wants to trick him out of all of his newfound treasure, and stomps the genie back into the lamp. This causes the genie, naturally, to explode with rage.

"Duck!" he screams. "You have consecrated the genie of the lamp! Prepare the consequences!"

And Daffy, with utter disinterest, deadpans: "Consequences, schmonsequences. As long as I'm rich."

That just might be the goddamn funniest thing ever said in all of film.

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