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Black People Sometimes Have Weird Names

Monday, June 11, 2012

this entry brought to you by kanye west, "power"

I found this on Facebook and I thought it was worth bringing up.

Yes. What an observation. Black people like to name their kids weird shit.

And white people like to name their kids names you've heard before, but inexplicably spelled "uniquely". We've all known a girl named "Crystal" spelled "K-R-Y-S-S-T-I-L". Or a Nichole spelled "N-Y-K-K-O-H-L-L-E". And we've all known the girl whose parents went so overboard the way they spell the child's name no longer matches the way it is pronounced; "E-M-I-G-H" is supposed to be pronounced "Amy" even though that word should be pronounced "EE-mai". Or the fact that you can hear the word "Britney" you have absolutely no idea which way it's spelled. Or the five thousand different ways to spell names that rhyme with "Aiden".

And we've all known a Filipino named after the state they were born in, or the street where they lived. And the Korean guy when you were growing up named Dong Phuk or Suk Mi. Or the Mexican kid with 23 names that goes by "Jose" even though "Jose" is actually his seventh name. Or the Russian kid with a name that has 23 constants in a row with no vowels.

Whoopty fucking doo.

Yes, parents are dumb, and yes, people name their kids dumb things. And yes, it's fucking obnoxious, and yes, it's worth complaining about. But gleefully saying that this why you stereotype people-- I guess their name means they're stupid just because their parents were uneducated?-- and then condemning this person by saying these people are allowed to breed like you or I is what you would call "racist". As if a person can't overcome their fucking name. As if a person with a shitty name is now a worthless individual, and their parents, merely ignorant, are worthless by extension, and their children are worthless by extension as well.

Hey buddy, how about go fuck yourself.

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