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Black Christians Don't Make Sense

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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If you take a survey, black people are more likely to say that they are "very religious", percentage wise, than white people. Also, black people tend to be overwhelmingly Christian.

...Which makes absolutely no sense. Now, I can understand why slaves in the year 1800 bought the concept of Christ. Clearly whatever it was they were worshiping before wasn't working, because if it did, then they wouldn't be slaves. So believing in Christ seemed like the only available alternative, even if the only person they heard about Christ from was enslaving them. Being told that switching to this Jesus guy would at least mean prosperity after death seemed better than oblivion, even if the very thing that told them they would have prosperity after death was the very thing being used to excuse dehumanizing them to death.

What I don't understand is how a black person can reach the age of, say, twenty years of age, without saying "Yeah, Glory Hallelujah, take us to the Promised Land oh Lord, lead us to... Hey wait a second, but this-- Wait, hold on. Wait. What the fuck?! Back up a minute, lemme get this straight. You mean to tell me... None of this makes any sense!"

There is this small group of people calling themselves Jews for Jesus. This makes more sense to me than black Christians.

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