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The Thong in the Trashcan

Saturday, June 14, 2008

this entry brought to you by foo fighters, "razor"

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago at work, they were remodeling the customer bathrooms. This took three frigging weeks. The reason I say "unfortunately" is because the employee bathrooms are only single stall, and when it's occupied, the door is locked. When there are ten guys working a night, very frequently the bathroom would be occupied when you needed it, forcing you to go into the women's bathroom. This sucked because there were women working as well. Depending on the day, there was one woman in the building until about three in the morning, and after that point, about five of them until the store opened at six, when they were the majority of the employees. So during this point in time, you would go into the women's bathroom, and when you left, there would all too frequently be a woman standing there, waiting on it being free. And there you are, looking like a creep, leaving a stinky bathroom behind you.

Anyway, I was forced to use the lady's room one night, and as I was standing there relieving myself, I looked over in the trash and saw a woman's thong underwear half hanging out of the trash box.

Now, if you're a pervert, you might be asking, Chris! Did you pull the thong out and inspect them? Or maybe you're thinking, Chris! Did you smell the thong?

If you're thinking that, I want you to consider this, and consider it carefully: exactly what situation would a woman be in where she needed to relieve herself of her panties while using a ladies bathroom? Two immediately spring to mind, and both of them are fairly disgusting.

What I want to know is, did she have an extra pair of panties handy? Or did she just freeball it? And if she went freeballin', exactly what situation had she gotten herself into previously that was so awful she had to throw away one pair, but didn't need a fresh pair? And if she did have a fresh pair of panties in her purse to fix the situation, then why the hell wasn't she wearing that pair instead of the thong? Who would wear a thong knowing that it's possible that a situation will come up that she has to discard them?

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