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A Pet Peeve Regarding Boy Bands

Thursday, June 05, 2008

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Backstreet Boys are reuniting and putting out a new album, and I was reading an article in Rolling Stone about how record labels are grooming new boy bands to be unleashed on the populace in the coming months. After all, they figure, Disney is doing extremely well with its youth-oriented music, and music sales were at their highest in the history of album sales during the boy band explosion, so trying to duplicate their success is bound to have them able to afford food that costs more than dumpster diving.

It's with this announcement that I submit this complaint that's been a pet peeve of mine since the first wave of singing boy groups. I hate the term "boy band", because they're not bands. A band is something where the majority of the members play instruments. For example, if you have 4 people that all play instruments but nobody sings, you have a band. However, if you have 4 people that all sing, but don't play instruments, what you have is a singing group. I understand that the term "boy band" is alliterative and falls off the tongue easily (kind of like vomiting, which is what the music sounds like), but it's a false statement. There's nothing wrong with saying "boy group". Boy band sounds better, sure, but it's false, and "boy group" doesn't sound so much worse as to not use it.

Also, P. Diddy's show Making The Band gets scorn for the exact same reason.

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