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The Nicest Guy in the Whole World?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

this entry brought to you by islands, "rough gem"

Hey man, what's up?


Gee, I'm glad we had this conversation.


Are you mad at me or something?


Then what's wrong?

Nothing, I just been thinking about how you claimed you were the Nicest Guy in the World the other day...

Oh lord, here we go again. Look, I don't care what you say. I'm the Nicest Guy in the Whole World. End of story! Period! Fini!

I just don't see it! I don't see how you're the Nicest Guy in the World. I mean, sure, you're nice and all, but the nicest? There's no fucking way!

Bullshit! What the hell do you mean you don't see it? Why the hell would you need to see it? You're a dude! What difference does it make to you?

Oh, so just because I'm a guy you can't be the Nicest Guy in the Whole World around me?

Yes, exactly! Why would I go out of my way to be the nicest guy to you? We're already friends!!

I submit that the nicest guy in the world would be the nicest, even to guys, and even to guys that are already his friend.

Name a single one of your friends that is nicer than me!


Sean? Sean??! Fuck Sean! That fucking guy didn't even fucking pick you up at the airport that one day!

He had to go to work early!

So the fuck what! If he were the Nicest Guy in the Whole World like I am, he would've fucking called work and told them he would've been late. The nicest guy would've taken a write-up if he had to!

You didn't pick me up either! Julio did!

That's because I don't have a car! If I had a car, I would've been there. The Nicest Guy in the World can't defy the laws of nature. One can only pick his friend up at the airport if he is capable of it, and I am incapable of it.

Yeah, whatever. I just say you're not the nicest guy.

Then who? Are you The Nicest Guy? Hmm?

No, of course not.

Well then???

...But that doesn't mean you are! I'm just saying. I don't see it. You're plenty nice, but there's got to be people out on the planet nicer than you are. I mean, even if I don't know any, and I probably don't, that doesn't mean you're the Nicest Guy in the Whole World.

You know what? Fuck you for saying that. Go fuck yourself.

Would the Nicest Guy in the Whole World tell one of his best friends to fuck himself?

Of course he would! He just did! But he would also pick you up at the airport if he had a car!! Unlike some people!

*sadly, although it did not happen in exactly these words, and not with any friends of mine, this entry is based on a true conversation i had. it didn't end quite as harshly, but the point is, it mostly happened.

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