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Hypothetical Question About New Pills

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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There's been a new pill introduced. It will prevent you from getting any ailments, diseases, and maladies, and will cure the ones that you currently have, for the next six years. While you can still die, you won't die from any illnesses. For example, if you get shot, you can die from that; however, if you manage to live, it won't get infected, so you won't die from that. But, less drastically, for the next six years you won't catch a cold, you'll never get a sore throat, and you'll never have any allergic reactions. At the end of the six years, you can choose to take the pill again and be good for the next six years.

However, there's a curious side effect. Every person that has taken the pill has experienced this. After taking it, you will get the undeniable feeling that you have killed your significant other, or the person who is closest to you in life. While you are with them you'll be fine and the sensation won't come up. However, once you've left them for a few hours, you'll start to get the sensation that something you did has directly or indirectly caused their death in your stead, and even though you know it's irrational and a side effect of the pill you took, you won't be able to shake it. You'll be able to live your life so you won't go crazy or anything, but, for the next six years, there will be this constant nagging doubt, unless they're in your presense. On the bright side, every single time you see this person will be a much more pleasant and joyous occasion than previously, because you'll be so happy that they aren't dead.

Do you take this pill?

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