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Embarrassing Toilet Situations at Work

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

this entry brought to you by mgmt, "electric feel"

I was at work today and I went into the bathroom, opened up a stall, and there was the new guy! Shitting!

"Jesus, man!" I said, startled. "Lock the fucking door!" Then I closed the door and hurried away.

I went to another bathroom, and after I was done with my business I thought of the embarrassment from before, and realized, of course he locked the door, or at least tried to. Nobody in their right mind would not even try to lock the door when there are other people in the building and one has to take a shit. Obviously he tried and for some reason it didn't stay latched, or he didn't latch it all the way. That's happened to me before. Not in that particular stall, but in public bathrooms before.

Then I realized I hadn't even apologized for my intrusion. I thought, ain't that some shit? How would I like it if I was on the toilet, taking a dump, minding my own business, at my most vulnerable, when the door bursts open and a man starts yelling at me?

Why in the world was my first reaction to blame him instead of going, "Whoa! Sorry man!" and walk off, cheeks red, like a normal person? Instead I'm pissed at him! What kind of person does that make me?

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