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The New World of Learning a New Word!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

this entry brought to you by nine inch nails, "discipline"

Do you think it's funny that when you learn a new word, and suddenly you hear and read that word in all sorts of places, when you never noticed it before? Don't you just wonder how often it had gone in your ears and out without you noticing? It's as if there was this part of the world that you were missing out on-- and granted, it's a tiny part of the world, but still part-- that you're now exposed to and living in?

A friend of mine mentioned solipsism the other day, probably two weeks ago, and I didn't understand what that word meant. She explained, and since then I've probably seen or heard it 8 times, and I wonder, is this just a coincidence? Had I gone maybe the last 6 months without it ever being mentioned, and it's just a coincidence that I'm hearing it a lot all of the sudden? Or had this word been all around me this whole time and I didn't even notice it until she mentioned it and defined it?

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