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A Quick Thought About Beck

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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I don't remember what the article was that I was reading once on the Internet, but the first comment below it was "I haven't been this depressed since I found out Beck was a Scientologist." And I totally agree. I absolutely cannot get over this fact. Worse, Beck's lyrics are really weird and very frequently make no sense. And I can't help but wonder, whenever I'm listening to him, if he's actually babbling about Scientology and I just don't know it. Especially on his album The Information, which definitely has a weird sort of lost-soul philosophy about the whole thing. There's a part in "1000 BPM" where he raps, "Biochemical jism hits you with its rhythm/ They act like Earth was a terrestrial prison/ A zoo for humans/ Put their cities into ruins." Uhm. Is this some Scientology mumbo-jumbo? Should I be afraid? If I start rocking out to this song, is Scientology going to subliminally get into me? Am I going to start babbling for minutes on end about how when other people see a car wreck, they just drive by, but when I see a car wreck, I know I have to do something?

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