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Girls Don't Like Pornography?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

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I was reading an issue of Maxim-- I actually have a subscription again, only this time I don't know how I got it, so don't give me any snooty looks about it-- and there was an article from "Her Perspective", on how women actually like pornography, and how to get your girlfriend turned on to it.

I kind of smiled about the whole thing, finding it funny and amusingly naive, but I didn't blame the magazine itself. Lots of guys have this idea that women don't like pornography, and some girls don't understand what's so awesome about it. I would expect that Maxim would be the kind of magazine that would offer tips on how to get your lady to enjoy pornography; however, this is a stereotype about women that I just don't understand. Yes, there are girls who don't like pornography, I'm sure. But for example, I can't think of any girl that I know that doesn't enjoy pornography to some degree. Granted, I've never met a girl who didn't enjoy pornography as much as I or most guys do, but the idea that women don't enjoy it is an outdated one, if you ask me.

I've met guys who, when I tell them that Michelle enjoys porn, tell me that I'm lucky, which in my opinion is a weird thing to say. Luck really had nothing to do with it. If you've got a girl who is just like most girls on a particular subject, you don't really have the luck of the draw, you just have a reasonably cool girl. Most girls born after the year 1965 (and that's a very conservative number, I'm willing to actually go as far back as 1960, but for the sake of argument, I'll stick with 1965) enjoy porn to some degree or another. Most girls don't enjoy anal ripping porn, or porn where girls choke on gigantic dicks. They usually don't tend to like porn where it's just a collection of cum shots either. Or, for that matter, collections of blowjobs. And I've never met a girl that's admired looking at fake tits, even the ones that have fake tits. But if you've got a girl who doesn't enjoy porn whatsoever or finds it threatening, I'm not the lucky one-- you're the one that's unlucky.

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