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Monday, June 02, 2014

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SACRAMENTO- Despite having worked as an assistant manager at Macy's for the entirety of the last six years and worked as a clerk for two years prior to that and never having a weekend off, local woman Maryann Ford has been asked only on Thursday if she will be attending a major family event on Saturday with no prior warning.

After being told that she must work that day, her mother, Sandra, proceeded to react as if this was an impossibility, asking if she could ask for the day off with just two days notice, a request that Ford declined as people do not get day off requests on two day notice, especially after the schedule was posted, as in every other job that relies on a weekly schedule. Further, Ford explained to her mother yet again that the entire store is scheduled every weekend so she would not be able to switch with anyone. This has always been the case, she explained, including the prior times she was told about a family function at the last minute.

Having lived her entire life in America and understanding how commerce works and logically knowing that all retail businesses are busiest on the weekends, Ford's sister Lana called as well to ask if she would attend, informing her that their cousins, Carl, Philip, the little-seem Faith, Todd, who just got out of jail, and uncle Ervin, who is 88 and has declining health and this will probably be the last opportunity to see him, would all be attending, as if these facts could somehow change the realities of retail employment. Lana was further baffled after asking her sister to call out sick, told that if she called out sick she would not be paid for the day, and that sick pay could only be used with a doctor's note. Although Lana's job does not require a doctor's note to use sick pay, the concept that a job might have this requirement makes no sense her, even though it is completely reasonable for a business to do so.

Having called again Friday morning to ask if Maryann had gotten the day off, her mother informed her she should get a new job, one that was more flexible, knowing full well that job finding is a difficult and miserable experience, and the frustrations of not having the weekends off would just be transferred to some other asinine part of any other job she is qualified for.

Asked why she wasn't told about this event earlier so she could plan and ask for that weekend off, Ford's mother replied that she thought her sister had told her, while her sister had assumed their brother had mentioned it, and no one bothered asking until now.

UPDATE: After being told that she's ruining her relationship with her family and never comes to family functions that are always held on weekends and the holidays that are the busiest shopping days in America, Maryann Ford was able to bend the rules of commerce and managed to get the day off while not losing hours on no notice so that she could spend time with her family. Ford reports that the family get together was miserable, as members of the family who had not seen one another in years drunkenly brought up bitter hostilities that should have been long forgotten, and that the time off taken was not worth it.

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