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You Do Not Work Better When Multi-Tasking

Sunday, March 09, 2014

this entry brought to you by radiohead, "optimistic"

Sometimes you'll hear people who will say, and often they'll claim that it's because they have ADD, that they work better when they're multi-tasking. Do you work with any of these people?

Do you ever want to tell them to shut the fuck up, and that they're doing it wrong?

Study after study shows that your brain-- anyone's brain-- isn't programmed to balance more than two things at once, and generally speaking, just one task at a time. So that person with ADD might be good at juggling two things, like, say, answering an email and then bouncing back to the task at hand, but nobody is good at doing three or four things at once.

No, you fucking idiot, what's happening is your brain is stressed, and you're equating "stress" with feeling like you're accomplishing something.

What they actually mean when they say "I have ADD, so I work better when I'm multitasking", what they're trying to say is "I work better than you do", as if every fucking thing has to be a competition, including dumb shit nobody cares about.

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