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Friday, March 14, 2014

this entry brought to you by bjork, "joga"

The entire apartment complex has been aghast since the revelation that the ugly couple in apartment 294 have fucked in the hot tub. Although regularly used by apartment tenants for boob fondling, mutual masturbation, and sex by good looking couples on a regular basis, none of the residents had even considered the possibility that an ugly couple would use the hot tub to enhance sexual activity. Now that the couple has ruined the hot tub with their filthy, disgusting sexuality that absolutely no one wants to see, the hot tub will probably go unused until either the couple has not fucked in it for such a period of time that it's assumable they never will again, or until they move. Used nearly constantly for beautiful long term couples to spice up their sex lives, as well as gorgeous people meeting for the first time at a dinner party to separate from the rest of the group and drunkenly fuck, it is guessed that the ugly couple is unhygienic because they have no reason to be clean. Also, the couple probably have sexually transmitted diseases which nobody wanted to think about, and gross, now everybody is forced to.

UPDATE: Although the ugly couple has not been seen in the hot tub in a while, they have been spotted swimming in the pool, which has unfortunately refreshed the memory of their ruinous actions in the hot tub. It's possible that no one will fuck in the hot tub ever again, and good looking couples will have to find other places around the apartment complexes to fuck, such as the laundromat in the middle of the night, between two cars in the back of the complex, and on top of the one air conditioning unit near the center of the complex that vibrates much more than the ones around it, and is mostly obscured by tall bushes.

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