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The word "Snog"

Saturday, March 15, 2014

this entry brought to you by haim, "if i can change your mind"

I had a British friend once, and whenever she saw me she would say "SNOGS!"

And I never got used to that, no matter how many times I heard it. It sounds violent. It sounds like a fistfight a person who regularly gets into fistfights would describe an altercation that was not so bad.

"Ay, I snogged 'im one, but then he weren't so bad, so we shared a pint."

"Right, me mate was getting all pissed and full of shite and I tells 'im to shut the fuck up because he's makin' all the birds scared! And the bastard snogged me one!"

"Me an' this bloke were right in each other's faces, right, and we go out to have a toss, but then by the time we gets outside, we're cooled off, so we just snog a couple times and then start buttfucking each other's brains out."

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