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Marvel Girl Was into Nappies

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

this entry brought to you by nine inch nails, "la mer"

Back in 1995 I was 16, and some friends of mine and I used to frequent a message board during a time before the world wide web was what it is today.

My friend and I were pretend sniping at one another, who knows what about, and I made a post and ended it saying "Also, Tim, shut the hell up before you get spanked. I will spank the hell out of you."

I received a message from Marvel Girl. She was British, and although she and I had never communicated before, hers was a name that I saw frequently. It surprised me to hear from her so randomly.

"Hi Grifter," she said.

"Hi!" I said, "What a surprise to get a message from you!"

"How are you?" She asked.

"I'm fine! And yourself?"

"Fine as well :) So uhm... are you into nappies?" asked Marvel Girl.

"Nappies?" I asked. "What is that?"

"I don't know what they call them in America," said Marvel Girl. "Those things. You put them on baby's bums."

"Diapers?" I asked.

"Yes! Diapers. So uhm. Are you into them?"

I literally had no idea what she was talking about. I had never thought about diapers before. They did their job. I was neither into them, nor against them.

"I don't know," I said. "I guess I don't really know what you mean."

"You know. Diapers. You're naked and you wear them. Sometimes you soil them a bit. Sometimes you get spanked because you're bad," said Marvel Girl.

This was 1995. The world wide web was in its embryo stage. Nowadays everybody's horrible fetishes are totally known to the world at large. Nowadays, because of the Internet, people get off on the most freakish things, and none of it is a secret. Even if you have never seen it for yourself, you've heard about it. Nothing is a surprise. The concept of adult babies is so mainstream Jay Leno has turned down adult baby monologue jokes because he had already made too many of them. Nowadays Adult Baby Con has started in your city, and the local news has done a "and now, on the weirder side" segment during the last three minutes of the program, right after a bulldog who can skateboard.

However, back in 1995, only people who read textbooks specifically dedicated to fetishes knew of such things. I cannot explain how confused and horrified I was when I realized the tone of the words she was using meant "sex", yet of the words she was using were describing things involving human infants. I had been on the internet for more than a year by that point in time, and even when seeing pictures was out of the question because literally one photo would take minutes upon minutes, I had been already exposed to some weird shit. This had still been unfathomable a mere five minutes beforehand.

A few years later I would see a picture of someone eating shit directly out of someone's asshole. As much as this was nightmare inducing (literally) and is something I wish I could unsee, it was not unfathomable. It is something any kid can most definitely fathom. 50% of children's dialogue is made up entirely of talking about the grossest thing you can do, and there is almost nothing that can trump eating poop. Your mind always goes there.

It is impossible to state exactly how much my mind was exploding.

"Why did you.. ask me this?" I asked Marvel Girl.

"Because," she said. "You were talking about spanking your mate earlier."

I had innocently mentioned the word "spanking" because I was trying to be as silly as possible with a friend of mine-- ordinarily, males do not say that they will spank other males. It's silly! I was being silly. And somehow she had decided to ask me about this, she had decided to open up to me about this, and now I knew her secret.

I told my friend this story, and her response was "Oh, she had told other people this secret before you, I guarantee it."

That's not the point! She could have inquired about this every single night of some poor, innocent user, but it was still a secret! Her name was Marvel Girl. Her name was not NappieBaby6969. Her profile did not say "I'm a big baby and I need to be spanked because I am bad!" Her profile was the lyrics to her favorite song Oasis! And not an Oasis song about nappies, either! Probably the one about Sally knowing it's too late as she's walking on by, and while I have little idea about what that song is about, I know it's not about nappies!

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