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Even The Reasonable Gun Owner's Arguments Don't Make Sense

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

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When I say that "I hate guns and I think they should all go away," I will sometimes get a response from somebody who believes in much stricter gun control and that nobody needs automatic weapons to protect their home, but will think that banning guns outright is going to far.

"Chris," they say in a calm, even-minded voice. "I'm not a gun nut. I totally understand where you're coming from. I don't want to hurt anyone, and I don't need to have a huge collection of guns. But I like hunting, it's a great sport, and it's my lifestyle. Why would you want to take that away from somebody like me?"

But even low key gun guys are still wrong, even if they're not jerks about it. Cool. You're a reasonable person. You're not a nut. I am so glad that we can actually have a sane conversation about this issue, I totally respect our difference of opinion.

Still, it's just a toy for you, and your toy is killing people. I'm sure hunting for sport is fun. I honestly don't care, however. Nothing I do is designed specifically to kill and can't do anything else. Once upon a time your lifestyle made a certain amount of sense, much in the same way having milk men deliver milk to your door made sense. It no longer makes sense, regardless of how much you care about it.

There is a very real possibility that your great-grandparents were slave owners, and weren't monsters about it. They might have treated their slaves right, according to them. They might have fed them well, never beat them, never sold their children off, sought to their injuries properly, etc. And when the sentiment that slavery was wrong started to spread across the country, they might have said things like "I'm a good person. I treat my slaves right. I'm a reasonable person, I don't see why I should have to give them up."

I'm sure your great-parents were good people and tried their best. They were still nonetheless wrong. Their lifestyle stopped making sense. Time goes on. Something that was perfectly normal becomes draconian and disgusting.

I'm not being mean. Even if you're reasonable, level-headed gun owner, your time is just over. I'm sure hunting is fun. Yet people in the city of Chicago are being murdered by guns at a rate of two a week. Two a week! In just one city! It's time to let go. Find a new hobby. You're a reasonable person, you'll find a new, better hobby.

If baseball were killing two people a week, we wouldn't have baseball anymore.

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