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I Don't Know Why Nudity Is More Difficult For Americans Than Violence

Thursday, January 16, 2014

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When Janet Jackson's boob fell out and there was a weird decorative piercing on her nipple, I heard asshole parents saying "I had to explain that to my kid!"

And, first of all, I don't know why you had to explain that-- why not just say "I don't know!"-- but whatever. Its easy to explain. She had a decoration on it, some people like to decorate their bodies with tattoos and decorations like that, it makes them feel pretty. See how simple that was?

But when the news shows people dying on TV, I literally don't know how to explain that. There's these two factions that over a thousand years have been warring over the same basic pieces of land in the middle and one side is kind of more right than the other but they're acting like monsters and for some reason we support them, and the other side has the right to have their own homeland just like the other side, and....

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