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When Someone Finds Your Comedy Notes

Saturday, December 21, 2013

this entry brought to you by savages, "waiting for a sign"

I hesitate to call myself a comic; afterall, I've only done stand-up at an open mic a handful of times. But still, there's a constant between all comics, even amateur ones-- everyone scribbles ideas down in notes. And if you're ever out at a restaurant with friends for example, and accidentally leave it out when you go to the bathroom or something, when you come back, all of your friends will assume that you are insane.

I had a sheet of paper in my pocket that simply read "How long until you hit yourself in the face?", "Tupac", and "Santa Clause is Coming to Town", and a friend of mine accidentally found it and read it, and you would have thought she had found my detailed plans on committing assault and battery on an infant.

She just kept shaking her head. "Why would you write that?"

For me, however, whenever I could find a sheet of paper that says "Velveeta Cheese", "Beer", "Trashbags", and "Tiramasu Cake", and I would say "Hmm. 'Velveeta Beer Tiramasu cake in a trashbag'. That's fucking hilarious. I need to write some Velveeta Beer Cake material."

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