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Immediate Family Only at School Functions, Please

Sunday, December 29, 2013

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As a father, I end up at an amount of school functions that, frankly, suck. The worst ones by far are the ones where you have to gather in an auditorium of some sort and watch some sort of ceremony or performance. These suck to varying degrees, but they all suck.

But by far the worst part about these is finding a seat. It does not matter how early you get there-- the good seats are always filled, and you have to make do with some place less than ideal.

Which, you know, if half the people in the audience matters. And they do not. For some inexplicable reason, extended families-- particularly grandparents, but often Aunts and Uncles and cousins-- show up to see little Johnny up on stage for thirty seconds out of the entire 45 minutes.

And look, I'm glad they're involved in little Susie's school life. Fantastic. The problem is that while I always get bad seats no matter how early I get there, I get a seat. And every single time there are tons-- tons of people who have to stand, including a man I see every time who is the father of my daughter's best friend. I know for a fact that he is a dad, and I know he needs to be there. Yet half the audience is geriatric for this elementary school function, and while I'm sure some of these oldsters are parents, it's 2013 after all, I know most of the people there my age are the actual parents. It's not fair, honestly.

To fix this, all the need to is write the words "Immediate Family Only" on the flier. They don't need to be assholes about it. They could say something along the lines of "Due to lack of space, we would appreciate if only the immediate family would attend". It's that simple.

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