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I Was Terrified of the Biblical Armageddon

Friday, July 12, 2013

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There's this poll, I'm sure you've seen it, where some huge chunk of Christians think the biblical Armageddon is real, and will happen in their life time. My grandma was one of those people. She legitimately thought she would see the biblical Armageddon, that she wouldn't die of what you and I would call natural causes, but that the Armageddon would be the natural cause. And I was a little kid at the time, and I didn't understand how this was supposed to be a good thing. Billions of people lived and got their whole lives and then died, and here I was, a little kid, thinking, oh great, the end of the world is going to come and everybody else that ever lived got to live their whole lives. What did they do to deserve living their whole lives and I got to be a little kid and have no chance or choice to do anything special?

And what about all the babies that were born before the Armageddon that hadn't been baptized yet? What did they do to deserve being born and then immediately having Armageddon before they could even have the chance to be saved?

It always strikes me as odd that people who pray for the Biblical Armageddon aren't somehow seen as the most nihilistic, cynical people imaginable.

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