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Arguing Specifics With Dumb Kids

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

this entry brought to you by portishead, "numb"

One thing that's annoying about kids is they don't understand when specifics are important. You might ask them, honey, could you hand me the red cup? And they hand you a pink cup. And you say "Honey, I specifically said the red cup," and they will respond "Well it's kind of red."

But god forbid if you ever round up or down when telling them the time.

My daughter is ten years old, and this idiotic argument happens on a semi-regular basis: My daughter will ask me what the time is. I will respond that it is 1:30. A moment later she will say, "Dad, I thought you told me it was 1:30? It's 1:26!"

What, did that missing four minutes throw you off so much that you no longer understand space and time? Why do you randomly not understand what information is important and what is not?

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