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Religious Zealots are Not The Same As Atheist Zealots

Saturday, March 02, 2013

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I was listening to a podcast and the host and guests, two atheists and a believer, were talking about the Left Behind series, and how ridiculous, stupid, and hypocritical they were. They went on about them for several minutes, but then switched their topic of conversation to how annoying zealous atheists were exactly as bad as zealous believers, if not worse. They brought up Ricky Gervais and how he needed to shove his atheism into everything, and that he seemed just as intolerant as the religious nutcases.

This line of thinking, whenever I hear it, really annoys the shit out of me. As much as people like to pretend that the extreme of one side is always the same as the extreme of the opposite side, this just is not true, and this couldn't be more clear than with the case of atheists and believers.

1) Even the most moderate, middle of the road believers, believe that people will go to hell, and therefore, deserve to go to hell, judged by a thing that by its very nature, can never be understood, who has a series of rules and systems that are described by even the most ardent believer as "mysterious". And if there are people that are going to hell, there are people that aren't, and while they say they do not hate the sinner, that they hate the sin, their entire system of belief is based on those who have and have not. In other words, some people are better than others, all because of the judgement of something nobody can know. The other side, no matter how extreme and intolerant, does not believe this.

2) One side believes that children should be taught things that are not true and are not based on fact, and, by their very nature, can never be proven. This side, throughout American history, has repeatedly made political moves to de-emphasize or defund education, and has, over and over, made moves to make sure that education forces their way of thinking onto children even if they disagree with it, despite the availability of this information being otherwise free and widely available through other means that don't have to do with public education. The other side has has never done this.

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