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I Saw A Little Person Today

Saturday, March 23, 2013

this entry brought to you by lcd soundsystem, "it's time to get away"

I had to take a long bus trip to the bank, which took hours. And holy fucking shit, the clerk at the bank was a little person! This completely made my day. She was very professional at first, a very serious face, but then we had to wait for a moment for something to print up so she smiled brightly and made small talk. She was fantastic.

As she moved the mouse around I looked at her hands, and I saw that she bit her nails. She didn't bite them in front of me, but I could tell because I bite my nails too.

Listen. A full formed adult biting their nails? Actually pretty gross. But imagining a little person biting her nails? Frigging adorable.

I wonder if she knows everyone she meets, no matter how fleeting, she makes their entire day better, simply by existing.

Yes, I'm talking about a grown adult like this. Am I a bad person?

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