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Not Talking To Your Kid Because They're Gay

Sunday, February 17, 2013

this entry brought to you by foo fighters, "my poor brain"

My wife has a cousin who is a lesbian. Her parents have totally disowned her, haven't talked to her in ten years.

This is something I simply cannot conceive of. I have two daughters, and even if one of them murdered someone, I would still talk to her. Because even though I would be horrified at what my child had become, part of her would still be my little girl. Part of her would still be something I would want to hold on to, as hard as it would be if she was now a murderer.

I suppose there is actually a line my daughter could cross before I stopped talking to her at all. But it would have to be a whole lot of murders.

But even if you think that being gay is worse than murder, how could you stop talking to your child completely? How could you be that selfish?

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