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Gun Owners Never Seem to Understand Why Guns are Bad

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

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When any sort of gun debate happens in this country, a certain amount of gun owners immediately react as if we're saying "Maybe, just maybe, we should train alligators to bite off penises, and unleash them on every gun-owning American." If we did that then their "cold dead hands" bullshit would make sense. But that's never what we're talking about, so it doesn't.

But then there is always a certain percentage of gun owners who act utterly baffled and confused that people keep attacking them for their bizarre lifestyle, as if the thing that they're into is really irritating, and not deadly, like listening to loud music. They shake their heads and say "I'm a responsible stereo owner, and every stereo owner I know is responsible. I just like collecting them. I like to go to stores and just play them. Taking away our right to listen to loud music is Un-American, and besides, if we get rid of all stereos, it won't make a difference. People will just sing really loud or beat pots and pans together. We should all just understand that, much as we disagree with each other, we have every right to listen to loud music, because this is America."

Worse, for some reason liberal politicians, for absolutely no reason, act this way as well. "Now, listen. Nobody's talking about taking your stereos away. I myself own two stereos, and I feel more comfortable in my home knowing that if anyone comes over, I can listen to music with them at any time, that I'm prepared to pop in some tunes, and rock their bodies. Occasionally over the weekend, I might like to get some friends together, go out into the woods, and listen to portable music devices. But we need to talk about common-sense laws, like not being able to listen to loud music past 10 o'clock at night."

Except that guns do in fact kill people. Like, a lot. Nobody ever tells you not to drive past a certain street at night because man, those people listen to loud music way past dark, and it is so annoying. Nobody says "I was at this party and there was a huge argument between some people, and somebody whipped out an Ipod. Man, I'm glad I got out of there." Nobody's ever remarked that they're terrified to take a vacation to Mexico, because of roving bands of teenagers cruising around, blasting their stereos.

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