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That Bitch Gave You The Clap

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

this entry brought to you by kanye west, "power"

Do you know what I hate? When men say "That bitch gave me the clap."

Gave you the clap? That implies that there is this psychopathic girl prowling the nightclubs-- and I mean actually psychopathic, not "she calls me five times a day" psychopathic-- kidnapping single dudes, drugging them, and feeding them gonorrhea.

Dude, that bitch gave you the clap like fucking a whole in the wall in the men's bathroom gave you the clap. You just couldn't control yourself, could you?

If that bitch gave you the clap, you'd be in fucking therapy, if not in a shadow in an interview on 20/20. "Bro... This bitch... *sniffle* She gave me the clap! I don't know what kind of monster could do that! I just woke up one day in a drugged stupor, and-- and-- I had all these sores! I just wanted to have a night out at the club! Oh god why?!"

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