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Circumcised Penises

Thursday, January 10, 2013

this entry brought to you by faith no more, "midlife crisis"

When I was born, something like 80% of boys born were circumcised. Nowadays that number has dropped to around 30%. And it's taken me a while, but I've come around on this. Circumcision is weird, and if I ever have a third child and it's a boy-- god forbid-- I will not have him circumcised.

But I also recognize that porno is going to be really, really disgusting in 20 years. Have you ever seen a woman work an uncut penis? It's like something from a sci-fi movie. And I don't even mean a scary one. It's just fucking weird.

In the future, you're going to go to porno websites, and when you want to search by category, "Circumcised" is going to be one of the options. And then you'll click and before you know it you'll be down some sort of fetish rabbit hole where old people are shitting on donkeys, because the only people who want to see circumcised penises in the future will be weird perverts and Jews, and going to "" on a daily basis when you are not a Jew will start to work you over as well.

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